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Privacy Policy

Thanks for your business cooperation and welcome to our privacy policy

T.C.N.G really appreciates your visit to our website, interest in our products and thanks for your cooperation. We want you to feel secure visiting our site, and we assure you that your personal information is safe with us. Any personal information with which we are provided is used exclusively to help us and help you.

The following are the ways in which we use this response of information:

Information is collected and stored in order to help us in giving the best satisfaction to your requests of information, and providing you with the publications you need. Visits to our site are tracked, so that we can assess which parts of our sites best serve our clients and also to avoid virus or web-attackers.

We do not sell any of the information we receive.

all infomations, such as buyer's details, correspondent, mandates and intermediaries are totally forbidden giving them out as proof. All informations are protected and also confidential to all according to Russian law.

Please note this vital information.

However, that our website does not contain links to other, non-T.C.N.G websites and does not affiliated with any company such as GAZPROM or LUKOIL or any other Companies that might have been claimed to be representing or anyone might claimed, we are independent and large company.

T.C.N.G is not responsible for the privacy practices of other such sites.