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our Downstream

T.C.N.G’s plants are able to process about 50% of crude oil produced by the Company.

In the medium term, T.C.N.G will intensify efforts to further expand its refining infrastructure, including through the possible construction of new plants. The Company will also continue upgrading its existing refineries to foster the production of petroleum products meeting the latest environmental standards.

T.C.N.G currently owns and operates seven large refineries in Russia with an aggregate annual capacity of 391 mln barrels (53.4 mln tonnes) and four mini-refineries.

T.C.N.G is currently the second largest national oil company by retail network, which covers 38 regions of Russia and includes approximately 1,700 service stations. In future, the Company plans to maintain its focus on extending and optimizing the marketing network.

T.C.N.G in a comfortable and Ecological area with large location

T.C.N.G also owns several large marine terminals that enjoy favorable locations and ensure efficient exporting of crude oil and petroleum products. Seeking to improve the balance between its export capacity and planned crude oil and petroleum product output, the Company implements a comprehensive program to upgrade and further expand its marine terminals.

our standards

T.C.N.G standards is the key resource for the Company development.

The value of human life is the key subject in the Company affairs with employees and labor safety, operations safety and Company personnel health care are therefore given the first priority. The Company faces large-scale and 1complicated tasks and the respective solutions directly depend upon the employees motivation for efficiency, upon their professional and individual development.Motivation includes modern-day comfortable working environment and salary system that is designed to provide for commendable income level, which in its turn depends on labor efficiency, as well as for sufficient social benefits package. Professional and individual development is ensured through the Company training systems and career promotions for employees.

As of June 5th, 2010 the listed headcount of T.C.N.G Oil Company with subsidiaries was 126.2 thousand people.