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company profile

T.C.N.G was was finally established in 2010 and also fully independent company own its own.

Since then, T.C.N.G is a fast growing with fastest and saisfaction of transaction with out esteem customers, ensuring the export of Petroleum products and extraction of its production.

In March-May, 2010 T.C.N.G received on the fact of opening Kiselevskovo and Southern-Butleroskovo deposits in the Krasnodar area with two licenses for the right of use of bowels with the purpose of investigation and extraction of hydrocarbons. Validity of licenses - 20 years. In 2011, on deposits in the Krasnodar area by the Company 12,61 million tonnes of oil and gas condensate (85,3 million barrels.) and 0,33 billion cube metric tonne of gas was extracted. Despite of the high degree of exhaustion of the deposits involved in development, the region has potential of expansion of its resource base and extraction. So, in 2011 growth has made more than 10 %.

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from the Caspian Sea

T.C.N.G has a significant position in the Azerbaijani gas industry through its 25.5 per cent interest in the Shah Deniz gas field.

The field, which is a considerable gas and condensate field, is situated in the Caspian Sea, 70 kilometres southeast of the capital Baku. Shah Deniz has produced gas since the end of 2006, and the gas is now being is supplied to customers in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. The gas is transported through the South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP). The 690 kilometre long pipeline runs to the border between Georgia and Turkey. A second phase of the field is currently being developed. This will contribute to a significant increase in the field’s output. The peak production of the first phase of Shah Deniz is estimated to between 8.8 and 9 billion cubic metres, but with the second phase, production will be increased by 16 billion cubic metres. The field will play an important role in the opening of a new gas corridor to Europe, if gas sales agreements are made with European buyers.



T.C.N.G Oil & Gas satellite communication

The Oil & Gas sector works in some of the harshest environments on earth – remote from infrastructure, in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Secure communications, not just voice communications but also for the transfer of well and drilling information are vital. T.C.N.G’s 3rd annual Oil & Gas Satellite Communications conference will address the various opportunities and challenges in this field.



T.C.N.G providing the best Transportation

T.C.N.G Network Transportation supports a higher level of independence and quality delivery for all clients home and abroad and also to all world safe destination,through a safer Transportation Services or transferring to buyer's vessel.

In 2010, T.C.N.G Network Transportation Services provided over 256,000 transportation both transneft and vessels totaling nearly 2.5 million miles. By increasing coordination among multiple transportation providers and encouraging natural supports, we continue to support accessible, cost effective options, and choice for those needing specialized transportation services.

what we offer


We give our client the best service ever needed

Buyer's atisfaction really important to us and we are trying and improving our skills of satisfying our clients in order to reach buyer's demand as soon as its needed


Best prices at high quality

Our prices are of refinery direct prices in which we offer NOT market rate and fees are charged according to the procedure


Transportation from the refinery to the loading ports

We try to gives our clients best service. Therefore, we duely make the transportation available at the port of loading as soon as buyer's contract has been approved by the Ministry of Energy.


Customer's services

Our customer service is second to none when it comes to handling emergency requests, and our sales group leads the industry when it comes to educating our customers on how to lower their overall costs while also preserving the equipment which is so vital to their everyday operations


offer products

We offer a comprehensive different kinds of product offering, including Diesel D2, Base oil SN 100 - SN 500, Jet Fuel 54, Mazut M100, Rebco, Automobile Gas Oil (AGO), Urea fertilizer, Granular fertilizer, DAP fertilizer and much more. In addition to the products we offer, we introduced our customers to our fleet fueling service in 2005. Our fleet fueling service is second to none when it comes to fueling your fleet of equipment in an efficient manner.